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TOP CLASSIC PARTS LLC was founded as 3D Parts LLC in 2018. We are specialized in providing high quality and tested 3D produced Parts for Classic Mercedes-Benz Cars.

Most of our products are NLA (No Longer Available) or not continued by Mercedes to the public.

Over the last 8 years, we’ve bought and restored several hundred Classic Mercedes. All happening at our own Mercedes-Benz SL restoration business and classic Car Dealership TOP Classic Cars LLC in Fort Myers, FL. We know all the potential break points of the Sunvisor Vanity Mirrors, the Domelight assemblies, the sun Door Mirror Covers and many other plastic parts. As we realized that it was getting harder, and often almost impossible to acquire original parts in usable quality on the market, we started developing and manufacturing them ourselves.

But as mentioned before, in a reengineered quality, with scope on the broken areas.

We produce our parts with ABS like Resin, which is a high-quality plastic that is great for outdoor applications. This is due to its high UV-, temperature-, and impact-resistance. We build our parts significantly stronger than the original parts. Our team created advanced fracture-risk areas and thus guarantee a much longer life expectancy

TOP CLASSIC PARTS is the fastest growing Company in the group.

We have a young team of local Engineers and Administrators working for us!

Please check out our products in our shop.

If you are in need of any other Parts, please contact us and please address it to us, we will try to help!

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